Brunch Menu for Sunday, August 13th, 2017   
What’s Brewing.... Caranilla Ripple, Enjoy a hot cup of coffee or shaken over ice! reg. or decaf
Fresh Baked Scones... Raspberry-White Chocolate, Blueberry or Apple Cinnamon...1.95
Homemade Biscotti... Enjoy a Fantastic Footlong Biscotti, Daily Flavors...3.95
TOASTED BAGEL... with Butter or Cream Cheese, Jelly if you please...2.95
Fresh Fruit & Granola Yogurt Parfait
Beautiful layers of Lowfat Swiss Style Strawberry Yogurt
fresh seasonal fruit and organic whole grain oats & honey granola
Eggs Your WayScrambled, Over-Easy or SunnySide~Up with Bacon or Sausage
Southwest Skillet Potatoes, Fresh Fruit Cup, multi-grain, rye or white toast
Featured French Toast: Apple Cinnamon
Undeniably Incredible!... A decadent delight seared golden brown packed with  
Granny Smith Apples, Ci
nnamon & Brown Sugar, served with St. Johnsbury 100% Pure  Maple Syrup on the side

Chef's Omelette
Enjoy a Refreshing Combination… Bacon & Cheddar 
folded into a light & fluffy omelette, served with Southwest Skillet Potatoes
fresh fruit cup, multi-grain, rye or white toast 
Smoked Salmon Plate…. Nova Scotia Smoked Salmon plated with CapersRed Onion
Chopped Egg and Cream Cheese with a Toasted Wheat Bagel
California Benedict
A Malibu Classic... Two Poached Eggs beached upon a toasted English Muffin with Fresh Sliced Avocado & Tomato splashed with a classic Hollandaise Sauce perfect with our Southwest Potatoes
and a Fresh Fruit Cup

Wild Blueberry Waffles
Something Scrumptious!... Belgian Waffles topped with Luscious Locally Grown Blueberries perfect with St. Johnsbury 100% pure maple Syrup on the side

Toasted Coconut Pancakes

Kelly's Crazy for Coocoonut!... Golden Buttermilk Pancakes packed with Toasted Coconut,  served with St. Johnsbury 100% Pure Maple Syrup on the side



Captivating Quiche
Enjoy an Impressive Piece Homemade Quiche… Sausage & Provolone
folded into a paradise of eggs, baked til golden brown
complemented by our southwest potatoes and a fresh fruit cup
Rocket Salad
Fly to the Moon jet fueled by Aromatic Arugula, Toasted Pine Nuts, Shaved Fennel and clouds of Fine Herb Goat Cheese lightly blasted with a Dijon Vinaigrette
complemented by an Herb Chicken Breast                   

 Quinoa Hummus Wrap -  A Vegetarian Delight... Classic Tahini Humus layered with Sliced Cucumber, Quinoa Salad, California Avocado and Mixed Greens, wrapped in a Soft Flour Tortilla plated with Garden Salad

Grilled Cheese & Soup
A Great Combo...‘Good Ole American on White’ Grilled Cheese 
served aside a crock of Crab Corn Chowder or French Onion
Today’s PANINI ... Enjoy a Cuban Panini with Chicken, Virginia Ham & Swiss with a touch of Dijon, sandwiched on our crispy flatbread, served with Chips-n-Salsa

Orange, Apple, Cranberry & V8 Juice… 1.75
Coffee & Tea, Additional Beverage Menu Available … prices vary

Brunch Menu Changes Weekly - next Sunday Brunch Scheduled for August 13th!  
Menus are representation only and are subject to change.
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